Pedagogy and acting with masks

This workshop, designed for teachers, presents the work of masked play from the angle of pedagogy. The purpose of this workshop is to provide teachers with the necessary tools to transfer the knowledge of masked acting and body work for theater to elementary, high school and CEGEP students.

Through the discovery of the fundamentals of masked and physical play, the focus will be on the transmission of this knowledge and how to teach it in today’s school reality (large group, limited time, lack of masks …)

Although a part of the workshop is theoretical, the main focus is on the physical participation of teachers so that they understand from the inside the work of masked play. The pedagogue will however be available throughout the workshop to answer their questions to help them pass on this knowledge to their students.

Duration of the workshop: 6 to 10 hours
Number of participants maximum: 12
Available in all regions (transportation and accommodation charges may apply)