Clown Workshop

Workshop in the Culture at School Program – Directory of Culture-Education Resources.

When the mask shrinks, it becomes a simple nose. This workshop guides young people in the exploration of the clown. The participants first discover the fundamentals of the clownish acting through various games and exercises. They develop a clear lexicon which will allow the game to be pushed further through guided workshops.

Directed work then follows in group. Then the trainer will lead the students for clownish entries, short sketches from canvas, performed in front of the other participants. A pedagogical support booklet on the clownish acting and outlines are offered to the teacher in order to allow the latter to continue the adventure with his students. Tout à Trac will make sure to provide the necessary number of clown noses to allow students to work with their own noses without risk of contamination.

This workshop is new in 2020-2021, but the trainer is an experienced one. Indeed, Milva Ménard is a recognized cultural mediator, a seasoned actress both in masked play and in clownish play. This workshop is offered at the elementary level.

DURATION: 2 periods (ideally separated on two distinct days)


A $ 2 per nose fee will be added. Transportation and meal costs may be added.

Contact: Gabriel De Santis-Caron, workshop coordinator, 514-273-1313 #3