The Cough Potion

Text and stage direction
Hugo Bélanger

Viva la commedia !!

Isabella likes Pierrot but the latter, too timid, does not dare to declare his sentiments. Fortunately for the maiden, her servant, Colombina, offers to help the young dreamer, Pierrot, make the famous first step with the help of her faithful accomplice, Harlequin.

But, coup de theatre, a mysterious doctor with suspicious potions appears in the entourage of Isabelle’s father, the old Signore Pantalone.

In exchange for a cough potion, the Doctor obtains from the old man, Isabella’s hand in marriage! The young lovers are in despair… But not all is lost: Colombina has more than one trick up her sleeve. By the way, isn’t the famous Captain Spavento in the wings?

The Cough Potion was presented 55 times from 1999 till 2003, to over 15 000 spectators.

Claude Tremblay Harlequin
Myriam Poirier
Maude Desrosiers
Normand Lafleur The Doctor
Hugo Bélanger Pantalone
Marie-Ève Trudel Isabella
Philippe Robert
Martin Boileau
Jean-Michel Langevin
Marc Bélanger
Sébastien Guindon
Captain Spavento
Text and stage direction Hugo Bélanger
Assistant stage direction Émilie Gagné-Prud'homme
Set design Marc-Antoine Duhaime
Costumes design Sophie Brosseau
Masks design Philippe Pointard
Production manager and technical director Michel Tremblay