The Adventures of Baron Münchhausen

Text and Stage Direction
Hugo Bélanger

If it’s crazy, that means it’s the right way.

Here is the return of the greatest adventurer that the Earth has ever known: the Baron of Münchhausen! He defeated the Grand Truc, faced a sea monster, seduced the Goddess Venus in person and even rode on a cannon ball! And beware of those who doubt the veracity of his adventures because the skeptics will be mystified !!!

A fantastic story that will challenge your imagination, the Adventures of Baron Münchhausen are for all children, young and old, who love to dream and challenge the impossible. Get ready for a surprising journey that could lead you to the moon!


Comming soon!

Félix Beaulieu-Duchesneau Carl Friedrich Hyeronimus, Baron of Munchausen
Éloi Cousineau Gustave Galimard, Cyclops, Moon Dweller, The Grand Tork
David-Alexandre Després
Carl Poliquin
Albert, Friedrich, Moon Dweller, The Judge, The Sandman, Cyclops
Philippe Robert
Bruno Piccolo
Eugène, Berthold, Moon Dweller, Vulcan
Audrey Guériguian
Audrey Talbot
Milva Ménard
Valérie Descheneaux
Marie-Ève Trudel
Annette, Mermaid, Empress of the Moon, Venus, The Old Lady, Death
Text and stage direction Hugo Bélanger
Set design Francis Farley-Lemieux
Costumes design Véronic Denis
Lighting design Martin Gauthier
Sound and music design Patrice d'Aragon
Props design Catherine Tousignant
Masks design Marie-Pier Fortier
Puppets design Dominique Leroux
Makeup design Maryse Gosselin
Production manager and technical director Michel Tremblay
Aerial pas de deux choreographer Julie Lachance
Puppets consultant Dominique Leroux
Acrobatics consultants Guy St-Amour
Daniel Cola
Costumes assistant Linda Lepage
Props assistant Marie Douville
Wigmaker Géraldine Courchesne
Set construction Stage Line
Engineering Genivar - Pierre Rodrigue
Painted drops Longue-Vue peinture scénique
Scenic painter Francis Farley-Lemieux
Stage curtains Rosebrand