Building the dream…

Written and directed by
Hugo Bélanger

Building the dream… creative laboratory for The dreamer in his bath.

Building the dream is Hugo Bélanger’s proposed title for the laboratory.

Inspired by the magic of Georges Méliès (who was an illusionist before becoming a filmmaker) and Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, also by the comic strips of Winsor McCay; Hugo Bélanger imagines a hermit character, living in a cabinet of curiosities. He doesn’t move from there. He dreams, in his bath, and his imagination takes us into a fanciful and whimsical universe.

As always, Hugo Bélanger and Théâtre Tout à trac merge masks, puppets and unusual machinery to create a world that borders between magic and dream. With this show-laboratory, the audience is invited to witness the research carried out by the company, and to be drawn into a breathtaking ballet of special effects and trompe-l’oeil.


Building the dream - creative laboratory at TNM (Théâtre du Nouveau Monde)

On stage May 4-9, 2021

Broadcast on the web May 21- June 7, 2021

The Dreamer in his bath - Premiere at TNM - May 2023

Normand D'Amour The Dreamer
Cynthia Wu-Maheux Ondine
Renaud Lacelle-Bourdon The son
Sébastien René The young man
Carl Béchard Winsor McCay and others
Éloi Cousineau Mélies and others
Carl Poliquin Robert-Houdin and others
Marie-Ève Trudel Hannah Höch and others
Playright and director Hugo Bélanger
Assistant stage director Stéphanie Raymond
Dramaturgy consultant Pierre-Yves  Lemieux
Production manager Michel Tremblay
Scenography Carl Fillion
Costumes design Marie Chantale Vaillancourt
Lighting design Luc Prairie
Original music and Sound design Ludovic Bonnier
Video design Thomas Payette
Props design Alain Jenkins
Costumes assistant Pascale Bassani
Scenography assistant Marine Plasse