The Old Ladies

Street show

Original idea and direction
Hugo Bélanger

The hunt begins…

On a street corner, two old women zoom past. Behind their cart, they honk at anyone slowing them down. Their presence intrigues: their particular walk, their pronounced and bony facial traits as well as their vivid and sparkling gaze attracts passers-by’s attention.

They come to a halt and begin to cry for no apparent reason. From their caddy they draw a dusty urn containing the remains of a late husband. Suddenly, they wipe their tears and commence their search for a new husband in the crowd! Games of seduction and gruelling tests ensure that the chosen candidate will be at the height of their requirements – the wedding ceremony may begin. But which of the Grannies will marry him? Why not, the two!

Once married, they strap their husband to the cart which transforms into a laboratory chair worthy of Dr. Frankenstein! The Grannies reveal a new facet of their personalities. These pleasant old ladies become modern day witches, husband-devouring ogresses, mad-scientists; worthy descendants of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde…
The experiment begins…

Philomène Lévesque-Rainville Philomena
Marie-Eve Trudel Ingrid
Idea and direction Hugo Bélanger
Puppetry coaching Maude Desrosiers
Olivier Ducas
Dominique Leroux
Costumes design Véronic Denis
Musical and Sound Design Patrice d'Aragon
"Caddy" and lightning design Alexandre Lemay
Masks design Philippe Pointard
Preliminary masks design Marianne Lapalme
Marie-Eve Savard
Julie Hamelin
Puppets design Dominique Leroux
Props design Catherine Tousignant
Props assistants Anne-Marie Rondeau
Eric Lizotte