An artist’s greatest quality is knowing how to surround oneself with great company.

Tout à Trac has always put this motto into practice by recruiting the most imaginative theatre makers, the most versatile actors and the most rigorous production designers in order to create the best show possible. We firmly believe that all who are involved in a production, whatever their role, must have the same direction and the only thing that should truly matter is the play they are creating. At Tout à Trac, there is no dictatorial leadership. The only one in charge is the idea that will best carry the work forward.

Our teams are always made up of eclectic and open-minded creators who give freely of themselves and are always willing to share the fruits of their labour for the good of the production. Our actors also possess multiple talents: physical acting, puppetry, dancing, singing and sometimes even machine operating. Nothing is beyond their reach and their commitment is steadfast.

We thank these artists who dedicate themselves to their craft and to our company. Without them, Tout à Trac would not exist.