Fundamentals of Acting with Masks

This workshop allows a journey through the art of the mask and its fundamentals. Participants will touch different types of masks: neutral mask, larval, homo erectus and the object mask.

The workshop ends with an invitation to dive into the heart of the masked acting and its great humanity with the “birth of mask” where each participant will discover the mask as creator of characters.

Block 1: The body and the space.
Segmentation of the body, work on the listening, the chorus, the balance. The body as a tool of precision and creation.

Block 2: Awakening Masks: The Neutral Mask
Exploration of the neutral mask. Work on precision and the evocative force. Draw the body in space.

Block 3: Awakening masks: Homo erectus
The mask Homo erectus plunges the wearer into a world near childhood where everything is to discover. Search for the present time and the truth.

Block 4: The larval mask and the object mask
Journey to the heart of the organic and fantastic mask, larval masks and object masks open up the body and the everyday to plunge the actor into a world where everything is possible, a world to reinvent. Poetry and strangeness on the menu.

Block 5: Ropes and Masks Imposed
Whether in an exercise where the body of the participant will choose his mask or in one where the mask will invite the participant to transform for him, this block will explore different methods to start a work of creating characters, masked or not.

Block 6, 7 and 8: Mask births
Fascinating exercise where each participant is completely transformed by a mask. A real encounter with the character, with its truth, its tragic and comic potential. The mask as revealer of humanity.

Duration of the workshop: 32h (8 blocks of 4h)
Number of participants maximum: 12
Workshop designed for professional actors
Available in all regions (transportation or accommodation fees may apply)