Long reduced by an impoverished vision of the commedia dell’arte, the masked theater is often reputed to be a caricatural theater style where the slapstick dominates and where the grimaces prevail over the truth. In truth, the mask, when liberated from its clichés, is quite the opposite: it is a liberating and creative art that allows the actor to rediscover the essence of theatrical play.

Precision of the body, listening to the audience, awareness of space and sense of pace, the mask offers a rigorous and playful journey to the actor at the source of the act of playing. Like a child who gets caught in the game, the actor must be surprised by the mask and let himself be carried away by his imagination …

Far from being an obstacle to the actor, the mask is a real trigger for its imagination. The body is the explosive and the mask is the detonator. The work with the mask and the body does not only lead to a specialization, but to a deepening of the techniques of play and the art of interpretation.

Explore the mask as a trigger for the unmasked acting.