Princess Turandot

Text and stage direction
Hugo Bélanger

Adapted from Carlo Gozzi and Giacomo Puccini

We all lose our heads when we’re in love.

Princess Turandot is utterly beautiful, but she rejects all earthly love. Refusing to marry and harboring a ferocious hatred of men, she proposes that her suitors solve three riddles or else have their heads cut off.

Ninety-nine suitors have previously failed when a young, foreign prince desires to attempt his hand. Can he conquer the pride of the most beautiful woman in the kingdom? Will West and East meet, just as the sun and moon do?

An original, masterly blend between the purity of Oriental tradition and the explosive, fun approach of commedia dell’arte, this original text adaptation of Gozzi’s classic tale and Puccini ’s opera will transport you to a wondrous world you will never wish to leave…

Princess Turandot by Théâtre Tout à Trac East meets West. Harlequin meets Okina. And the sun joins the moon…

Awarded with twelve prizes granted by the public for Théâtre Denise-Pelletier’s 2005-2006 and 2010-2011 seasons, including Production and Direction of the Year. Awarded a Masque, by the Académie Québécoise du Théâtre, for Best Script Adaptation and nominated for Revelation of the Year, Best Costume Design, Special Contribution Mask (for mask designs), Best Lighting Design and Best Performance by a Male in a Supporting Role (Carl Poliquin) during the Soirée des Masques 2006.

Martin Vachon The Prince
Maude Desrosiers Turandot
Éloi Cousineau Truffaldino
Marie-Claude Giroux Zelima
Cynthia Wu-Maheux
Marie-Eve Godin
Kim Gourdeau Pong
Marie-Ève Milot Altoum Khan
Carl Poliquin Tartaglia
Julie Roussel Adelma
Catherine Ruel Ping
Marie-Claude St-Laurent Pantalone
Nico Gagnon
Claude Tremblay
Patrice d'Aragon The musician
Text and stage direction Hugo Bélanger
Assistant stage direction Geneviève Gagnon
Set design Joannie D'Amours
Geneviève Camirand
Costumes design Véronic Denis
Lighting design Catherine Gohier
Sound and music design Patrice d'Aragon
Masks and props design Marie-Pier Fortier
Leather masks fabrication Louise Lapointe
Makeup design Florence Cornet
Production manager and technical direction Michel Tremblay
Eric Gendron
Vocal coach Gervais Gaudreault
Physical work coaches Tai Wei Foo
Huy-Phong Doan
Opera singing coaches Claudine Ledoux
Jean-François Daignault